Central Vacuum Accessory Kit w/ 35 ft. Hose With Sebo et-2 Power Head

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This very high quality accessory kit is one of the best you can purchase and it's built to last years of use.

It is smooth and brings up deep down dirt in your carpet.

The SEBO head works great with all types of carpets.

It has a very strong belt that rarely ever wears out with reset if you get a sock caught in it. If that happens it will turn off the roller brush automatically.

It offers a low weight setting for bare floors med for low pile carpets and high for high pile carpets.


  • Easy to maneuver around furniture with it's 180┬░┬ásteering ability.
  • L-Shaped easily clean edges and under counters.
  • Excellent for pet hair removal.
  • Convenient clog removal door.
  • Has a 15 inch Arctic White roller brush with a four level manual brush height adjustment.
  • Brush obstruction warning light with automatic shut off.
  • Manual brush shut off provides straight suction cleaning of delicate rugs and hard floors.
  • Five year manufacturer warranty.

This Kit includes:

  • 35 Ft crush resistant hose with On/Off switch.
  • Hose is universal and can be set up with the 7 ft. pigtail cord on the end of the hose that plugs into the wall.
  • Telescopic wand tube.
  • Hard floor brush with extra wands.
  • Dusting brush, narrow space tool, hose hanger.
  • SEBO ET-2 electronic power 120V brush.
  • 1800-695-8263