ELX 4000 Twin Motor Power Unit 240 Volts

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ELX 4000 Twin Motor Power Unit 240 Volts 

This  main power unit model offers  an impressive 1000 air watts of suction  power!

For homes up to 15000 SQ foot homes.

124 cfm of suction power (water lift)

If you’re looking for tons of power with a Long Lasting Big Block 7.2 inch fan motor this is your unit.

This Main Canister that hangs on the wall has a heavy duty steel body, with a very strong plastic dirt dump bin with easy flip latch Dirt Dump Bin which WILL NOT bend for a perfect seal through the years.

Sealed Triumph permanent HEPA filter 

Run it bag less 

Mounting bracket included for easy and secure wall mounting from left or right side.

Exhaust muffler

Max amps 13.5

Voltage 240 Volts

5 Year Warranty

Tangential Bypass Motor Has its own fan to keep it cool.

This system can service up to a 15000 sq foot home, this hose has a pigtail cord end or will work with direct connect outlets.

NOTE***  For homes that already have the installation done, if you request before shipping, we will include a Hang-The-Unit kit with the following items: 8 foot pipe, 2-45 elbows, 3 long 90 degree elbows, 3 stop couplings, and an 8 foot low voltage wire. This will allow you to hook the pipe from the wall to plug into the central vacuum. You must let us know you want this in advance; we add it to the box before we ship.