Air Plus Junior HEPA Air Purifier HM 250 BLACK

Air Plus Junior HEPA Air Purifier HM 250 BLACK

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Like the Austin Air HealthMate Series, the Austin Air Healthmate Plus and Healthmate Plus Jr. HEPA Air Purifiers give you reliable protection against a variety of airborne contaminants, from common household allergens to smoke and chemical odors. The HealthMate Plus, however, features a more absorbent activated carbon filter bed to combat heavier chemical odors, including formaldehyde. Classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a "probable human carcinogen"—formaldehyde exposure causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat and may aggravate existing respiratory conditions. The HealthMate Plus absorbs and contains formaldehyde odors along with symptom-triggering allergens and other airborne odors.

The Austin HealthMate Plus and HealthMate Plus Jr.:

  • Are ideal for allergy- and asthma-sufferers as well as those with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and who are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde
  • Trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and 95% of particles that measure 0.1 micron and smaller
  • Remove dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses, bacteria, and more
  • Generally require a filter replacement only once every 5 years
  • Need minimal routine maintenance

Multi-Stage Air Filtration

HealthMate Plus air purifiers uses Austin Air's signature 360-degree progressive filtering system to remove the most symptom-aggravating allergens, odors, and chemicals from your home. With steady use, you may see a reduction in your allergy, asthma, and MCS symptoms or even eliminate them all together.

Every minute, the system pulls in room air from all sides of the air cleaner. Air passes through a 4-stage HEPA/carbon combination filter and is blown back out into your room using the Clean Air Pocket vent. This extensive filtration system cleans your air faster and more efficiently than conventional air purifiers, which means quicker relief from your symptoms.

The HealthMate Plus and Plus Jr. Air Cleaner 4-stage combination filter includes:

  • PERMAFILT Pre-Filter - During stage 1, air passes through a cotton PERMAFILT pre-filter, which captures particles easily seen by the naked eye, such as large dust and pet dander particles.
  • Medium Particle Filter - Next, a medium particle filter traps small- to medium-size allergens, such as mold, pollen, and dust mites.
  • Carbon Blend Filter – Next, air moves through a 15-pound activated carbon filter infused with natural zeolite and potassium iodide where heavy odors, chemicals, gases, fumes, and VOCs are absorbed and locked away.
  • Medical-Grade HEPA Filter - Lastly, air glides through 60 square feet of true medical-grade HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) material where it is scrubbed free of harmful bacteria and viruses as well as smaller pollen, mold, pet dander, dust, and ragweed particles.