Central Vacuum KitVac Dustpan

$49.99 $39.99

The KitVac Dustpan is perfect for central vacuum installs. It is flush with no protruding parts and can be plumbed into a kitchen island or under a counter, wall or at the end of a cabinet.

  • Central vacuum 2 inch pipe connects from the back of the Dustpan not the top like other brands, making it easy to install or replace.
  • High quality flat with no protruding parts so it last longer without repairs.
  • Better for the fact that it is flat so a person can't accidentally hit it with your shoe while walking by.
  • No need to get out the central vacuum hose, just use a broom and sweep in the dirt then close the Dustpan with your foot and it turns off your central vacuum power unit.
  • Color: Black.

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The Vacuum Doctor.